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Here at The Gonzo Chronicles anything goes. Topics include…everything, especially the weird stuff.

March 22, 2020

The Georgia Guidestones: A Fresh Look at the New World Order

Okay, we jump down the rabbit hole with this one. The Georgia Guidestones, also called America's Stonehenge, was erected in Elberton, GA in 1980 with a message of world population control and world government. The mystery behind this monument is frightening, and I talk about why this diabolical monument led me to write Revelation Calling. And the truth will set you free...









March 16, 2020

You dig comics? Gary K. of Savage Sword of Conan joins us!

Gary Kwapisz, comic book legend, sits down with The Gonzo Chronicles to talk about his work in the 80's with the Savage Sword of Conan series during his time with Marvel Comics. We trace his work through the years to his current work, Rebel Dead Revenge, a place where the Civil War meets the Walking Dead with a ton of history and underlying themes that will leave you wanting more. 

Oh yeah, this cat also has done a few of my book covers just because he's a cool dude. Check out his work at www.garykcomicart.com.







March 12, 2020

Coronavirus hysteria? Part 2

Picking up where we left off from before (due to my technical difficulties), we talk about the cancellation of sporting events, the news media's coverage of the situation, political posturing, and how most folks are genuinely tired of it. 

#newsmedia #MSM #FoxNews #CNN #businessnews #panic #coronavirus

March 12, 2020

Coronavirus: Is the public reaction overblown? Part 1

In this episode of the Gonzo Chronicles Elizabeth Cooper (Caffeinated Cooper Show) comes back to talk about the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus. The stock market is down 8,000 points in three weeks, the NBA and NHL have cancelled their seasons until further notice. March Madness is cancelled. MLB Spring Training and Opening Day are now going to be delayed...AND NO ONE CAN FIND A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER! 

At about 12 minutes into this episode there were technical difficulties, so you can stop right there and pick up on part 2, where we had to reconnect and pick up the conversation where we left off. 

#coronavirus #NBA #NHL #MarchMadness #hysteria #stockmarket

March 5, 2020

Superstition Mountains and the Top 10 Worst Movie Remakes of All Time!

Heidi Gadd hangs out and talks a little about the Superstition Mountains, her haunted music shop, and we break down the top 10 worst movie remakes of all time. We also discuss the fear surrounding the outbreak of the corona virus. #SuperstitionMountains #haunted #paranormal #aliensandbeyond #CoronaVirus #cyrusalderwood #GonzoChronicles #GreyDaze 

February 25, 2020

Skinwalker Ranch, special guest Erica Lukes

We welcome Erica Lukes to The Gonzo Chronicles to discuss the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. We get into the history of the ranch all the way up to the claims about the kind of activities that occurred under the ownership of Robert Bigelow, who sold the property in recent years. Skinwalker Ranch is notorious for claims of UFO sightings, rumored skirmishes between U.S. military and extra-terrestrials, cryptid sightings, portals to other dimensions and countless other kinds of paranormal activity. Erica has a different story to tell about #SkinwalkerRanch. Tune in to hear her thoughts on that other things #UFO related. 







February 19, 2020

Mothman Sightings in Chicago

Tobias Wayland, author of The Lake Michigan Mothman, joins me to discuss his book and investigation into the sightings of the Mothman in and around Chicago starting in April of 2017. How many were debunked and how many he feel could be actual Mothman sightings, according to Tobias? 

We also discuss his role with the Singular Fortean Society and his lifelong fascination and personal experience with the paranormal. Saddle up for another episode of The Gonzo Chronicles with host and author Cyrus Alderwood.

#paranormal #Mothman #Chicago #LakeMichigan

February 12, 2020

Top 10 Dead Comedians

One of the coolest women you've never met, Elizabeth Cooper of the Caffeinated Cooper Show, joins me on this edition of The Gonzo Chronicles. We talk about her show, he movie and television roles, and our list of Top 10 Dead Commedians. All hail Greg Giraldo and Rodney Dangerfield!!

We discuss why she seldom watches the award shows, and why I refuse to watch the The Joker no matter how damn good people tell me it is. We saddle up for this show with a powerful glass of scotch and some wine and see what happens. We should have recorded this in Vegas!




February 7, 2020

#QAnon A dive into the Matrix!

What is #QAnon you ask? On this episode we talk with Mikaela from Robotinteriors (Instagram), an influencer on the topic with over 35 thousand followers. She talks about her political transition and how the Q phenomenon brought her to see the world through a different lens, a world full of deep state corruption and wickedness by powerful people in high places. 

Get ready to jump down the rabbit hole in this episode. Feel free to share your thoughts about the topic with me by emailing me at cyrus.alderwood@gmail.com and I'll read a few of your emails on the next show. 


January 20, 2020

Talk about a crazy coincidence!

If you think there were a lot of strange coincidences between Abraham Lincoln and JFK, you should hear about Abraham Lincoln's oldest son!!